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11 March 2018

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Palácio de Cristal

Sitting atop a bluff, this gorgeous botanical garden is one of Porto’s best-loved escapes, with lawns interwoven with sun-dappled paths and dotted with fountains, sculptures, giant magnolias, camellias, cypress and olive trees.

It’s actually a mosaic of small gardens that open up little by little as you wander – as do the stunning views of the city and Rio Douro. The park is also home to a domed pavillion, where many events are held throughout the year, the Pavilhão Rosa Mota, the hi-tech Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett.

Interesting Notes

The former Crystal Palace is no longer there, but luckily its gardens remain. The park is compact, but so incredibly diverse that it seems to be many parks into one. You may not be into Botany or gardens, but it is a wonderful place to relax from the hustle-and-bustle of the city, and it also houses a handful of very photogenic peacocks. Furthermore, it’s location just by the cliff makes it a natural balcony – the views are amazing, spanning all the way from the Dom Luis I Bridge to the Arrábida Bridge.

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